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Photovoltaic solar energy connection between components

In the Photovoltaic solar energy generation system using a low-voltage DC cables conveying part, because the use of environmental and technical requirements are different, for connecting different components have different requirements, the overall factors to consider are: cable insulation, heat retardant properties, engage in aging properties and diameter specifications. Specific requirements are as follows:

1, connecting Photovoltaic solar energy between the solar cell modules and components, generally using a connection cable module junction box to connect directly, not long enough, can have a dedicated extension cable. Depending on the size of the power components, the class has a cross-sectional area of the connecting cable 2.5m㎡, 4.0m㎡, 6.0m㎡, three specifications. Such connection cable uses double-insulated jacket, with excellent UV, water, ozone, acid, salt erosion ability, all-weather capability and superior abrasion resistance.

2, the connection Photovoltaic solar energy between the battery and the inverter, through UL testing requires the use of multi-strand cord connected as close as possible. Select short and thick cables allow for reduced system losses, improve efficiency and enhance reliability.
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