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Photovoltaic solar energy Products

Photovoltaic solar energy Products:
1, Photovoltaic solar energy is a solar power generation system of special cables for inter mainly applied to the DC voltage terminal, power generation equipment and components leads connecting the bus connection, the maximum voltage of the photovoltaic device DC1.8KV system. It has a weather-resistant, cold, high temperature, abrasion resistance, UV and ozone resistance characteristics, at least 25 years of life.
2, high-quality oxygen-free copper conductor tinned ensure its superior conductivity effect, by high-performance insulating materials of high energy electron accelerator radiation crosslinked and sheathing materials plays absolutely reliable insulation properties and mechanical properties of the products as green products There LSZH, low halogen and low smoke properties in case of fire accidents, slow flame spread, low smoke density, high visibility, harmful gas emissions small, easy evacuation, and have more time to deal with fires.

Product Features:
Conductor: UL certification standards of 8030 aluminum alloy wire stranded conductor or five stranded tinned copper conductor according to IEC60228 + EN60228, VDE0295.5 level.
Insulation: cross-linked polyethylene LSZH hydrocarbon UL4703.
Outer sheath: LSZH crosslinked polyethylene hydrocarbon UL4703.
Main specifications: Single
Working environment: minimum operating ambient temperature -40 degrees Celsius, the cable conductor to allow long-running maximum rated temperature of 120 degrees Celsius.
Bending radius: sheath thickness ≤12mm 3xD (cable diameter) sheath thickness> 12mm 4xD (cable diameter)
Compliance: 2PfG 1169 / 08.2007
Advantages: Photovoltaic solar energy structure is simple, the use of LSZH polyolefin insulation and sheathing materials have excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, UV resistance, ozone and weather resistance, in harsh environmental conditions By and special occasions using the following.