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Photovoltaic solar energy and use temperature range

temperature range:
1 Ambient temperature: -40 ℃ to + 120 ℃ (mobile or fixed)
2 short-term (within 5 seconds) the maximum temperature of 200 ℃ without Supermarket
3 cable bend radius of less than 4 times the cable diameter
4 polyolefin insulation and sheathing materials.
5 cable thermal life evaluation results should meet the requirements of the cable service life not less than 25 years
5 finished cable flame retardant performance in line with 2PfG 1169 / 08.2007
6 Finished cable not only has excellent resistance to wind and rain resistance, resistance to UV and ozone erosion resistance, and can withstand a wider range of temperature changes (eg from -40 ℃ to + 120 ℃)
7 cable has excellent resistance to penetration ability, performance in line with 2PfG 1169 / 08.2007

1, for solar power plants or solar energy facilities, equipment, cabling and connectivity, comprehensive performance, weather resistance, all kinds of power plants adapt to the global environment;
2, as the connection cable for solar installations, outdoor installations can be used under different climatic conditions, can adapt to the dry and wet indoor working environment;
3, the product according to 2PfG 1169 / 08.2007 apply to the maximum allowable 1.8kV (core to core, non-grounded systems) DC voltage, single-core flexible cable CD side in Photovoltaic solar energy systems used (wires). The product is suitable for Class Ⅱ level of safety under make, ambient temperature of the cable runs up to 90 ℃, a plurality of cables can be used in parallel.