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High-voltage electric automotive interior models function

High-voltage electric automotive interior divided hindered and unhindered type:
There are resistance type:
The size of the resistance is based on a variety of high voltage output of the system and different terms, some only a few hundred ohms, and some reach more than 10K in electrical engineering in this resistance is called "current limiting resistor." The main purpose of design resistance is to prevent high-voltage current lead due to aging or quality reasons, the high voltage output system damage electronic components.

General automotive spark plug ignition resistance value of about 20 ~ 50M, relatively high-voltage resistance is very large, essentially high-voltage limiting resistor or even "negligible", but when the high pressure limit accidental short circuit current limiting resistor to put in high-pressure system can withstand without being damaged range.
Therefore, the role of the electric car, one car is to protect the high-voltage ignition system to work, and the entire vehicle electrical system.
Second ignition voltage can be increased, it will cause a fire when leakage spark plug fouling too much, with the resistance to enhance the ignition voltage breakdown spark gap is easier to let the spark intensity to normal. In addition there is resistance-type high-voltage high-pressure stream are assigned to play the role.
Third extend spark discharge time firing rate increase, when the discharge, the spark plug breakdown while resistance is small, because the high-pressure path of resistance limits the maximum current, so that the same amount of energy to go through a longer time to bleed Finish.

Unimpeded type:
Unimpeded high-voltage high-voltage resistance is "zero", but it does not mean the high voltage output path resistance is zero, but the resistance in series in other places, such as:
(1) connected in series in the high voltage transformer secondary winding;
(2) In the spark plug the center electrode (spark plug pole in a ceramic resistor, such a resistor-type spark plug known as a spark plug);
(3) the use of the ignition coil secondary winding DC resistance as "damping current limiting resistor."
Unimpeded passage in both high-pressure series a certain resistance, this resistance can be in high-voltage lines, and then on the use of high-voltage high resistance; also in other places, then you can use a low-resistance high-voltage or high-voltage lines unimpeded type.