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Processing and solarPhotovoltaic solar energy laying cable p

(1) A metal cable pipe should not have perforations, cracks, severe corrosion significantly uneven and so on, the pipe wall should be smooth and without glitches. After the cable pipe bending should not have cracks or significantly dented phenomenon, the degree of bend pipe diameter of not more than 10%, the nozzle should be made of horn or polished.
(2) The cable tube diameter of not less than 1.5 times the cable diameter, bend radius should be consistent with the provisions of penetration of cable bend radius. Each cable should not be more than three pipe elbow. Not more than two right angles.
(3) Connecting cable pipe shall meet the following requirements:
a, metal pipes should adopt large short tube socket level, short tube weld ends sealed with a threaded connection time, the connection sealed.
b, metal pipe at the socket or plug, the insertion depth of not less than 1.1 to 1.8 times the diameter, the docking surfaces should be coated with glue cement seal. When using sockets, casing welding ends should be sealed in order to ensure a secure seal.
c, thin-walled steel welded connection is strictly prohibited.
(4) When the thin-walled steel pipe for the cable should be coated with anti-corrosion paint (inside concrete buried pipe may not be painted); When using galvanized pipes, galvanized layer is peeled position should also be coated with anti-corrosion paint.
(5) Lead to the cable pipe outlet location devices should be easy device connection and without prejudice to dismantling and access. Parallel cable laying pipe mouth should be arranged in neat rows.
(6) The protective tube for the grounding wire when use of the cable, the ground wire should be welded well, then the laying of cables. There are threaded pipe joints, should be soldered jumpers.
(7) Pipe into the box (box) To straight, in box (box) within the exposed length equal to or less than 5 mm, with locking nut of the tube, the tube is exposed thread locknut 2 to 4 buckles .

Preparation and installation of cable tray:
(1) Cable tray and accessories should be properly stored and custody, should not cause deformation and damage, and should be product certification.
(2) Cable trays should be installed firmly, smooth vertical and horizontal, the vertical deviation should not be greater than the length of 2/1000, the level of error should not be larger than the width of 2/1000.
(3) Cable bridge in the live production of non-standard parts and welding, must be painted anticorrosive primer, paint should be uniform and complete color consistency.
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