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How prospects of development of China's solar Photovoltaic

In recent years, supported by relevant national policies, under the guidance of the rapid development of solar Photovoltaic solar energy industry, photovoltaic power plant installed capacity annually. R & D and marketing efforts but domestic Photovoltaic solar energy is lagging behind, in the photovoltaic power station construction and operation of the process, the photovoltaic power plant equipment connecting cables are still using conventional cables.

Because conventional cable design and manufacturing process does not consider the use of photovoltaic power plant complex and the laying environment and other factors and can not meet the requirements, leading to frequent quality problems photovoltaic power plants. In particular, the performance of conventional cable itself unable to meet the requirements of power stations using the environment caused by quality problems particularly evident. Dedicated photovoltaic cable according to complex PV plant using the environment designed to meet the laying of the PV plant, operational requirements. Photovoltaic dedicated cables especially the DC side of photovoltaic power plants can effectively reduce the occurrence of quality problems.

Around in our solar photovoltaic power plants are built, which requires a large range of cable temperature levels, as in the western and northern regions of our country requires cable can withstand lower temperatures, extremely low temperatures in some areas can reach minus -40 ℃ so, even lower temperatures. In China's eastern and southern regions surface temperature can easily reach more than + 70 ℃, consider the conductor temperature above ambient temperature and produce heat volatilization, taking into account the poor ventilation and the roof does not bridge the cooling effect of extreme temperature region is likely to more than + 90 ℃, which requires the temperature of the material to meet the requirements of the cable station in the extreme temperatures of work.
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