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Development of electric vehicle charging cable

China's electric car charging cable industry overall size and growth rate has been ranked first in the world. But widespread quality problems in the industry but for network security, environmental protection and consumer health and safety of persons buried a significant risk.

"Quality is the life" Over the years this slogan slogans by domestic firms as truth. However, in the face of fierce market competition, more and more companies have chosen to "do life", once the "lifeline" of the more vulnerable.

Product concepts not only focus on quantity of production, but also pay attention to product quality. Domestic enterprises tend to have short-term market behavior, ignoring the long-term goal of sustainable development of enterprises. For the more serious the quality crisis, experts suggested that companies need to change their ideas, the enterprise value from a strategic point of reflection, from pure "price" competition to "value" competition, and gradually establish the company's core competitive advantage. Cable companies want to build the foundation through the interior of "quality, cost, delivery" of the advantages of the same time open up new markets with high added value, enhance product quality and innovation.

Enterprise development to go connotation type, fine development, key personnel from the quality and improve the internal system of continuous improvement. To compete with world-class enterprises, first-class master the world of ideas and tools to improve the skills and managerial skills to improve internal staff, build continuous improvement system, is the key to the transformation of the way to take a good.
As an important economic and social cell, the enterprises themselves should play a "full part of" responsible, from raw materials sectors, production and processing sectors, circulation, until the sales cycle, and both are corporate responsibility, should not relax their vigilance in any one ring . This responsibility is reflected in the corporate control of the quality of their own products, there are no weak links, not planted hidden quality, but also the responsibility for the overall image of the product line.
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