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Electric vehicle charging cable What types

1.w type, YJV Type: PVC power cable, XLPE power cable, not subject to external mechanical forces, suitable for indoor, inside the tunnel bridge and pipeline laying.

2.W22 type, YJV22S: internal steel tape armored power cable, can withstand the mechanical force, but can not afford a big pull. XLPE insulated power cable type YJV22 allow long-term maximum temperature of 90 ° C, aging resistance, resistance to environmental capacity is higher than PVC insulated cable W22 type, and has a light weight, simple structure, easy to use, laying not drop limit. Such as in high-rise buildings, hospitals, subway, nuclear power plants, farms, mines, petroleum, chemical and other laying indoor, tunnel, cable trench and buried underground laying.

3.ZR-YJFE type, NH-YJFE type: flame retardant, fire-resistant, fire retardant and other special radiation cross-linking power cables, cable maximum long-term allowable working temperature up to 125 ° C, can be laid in the ceiling, high-rise buildings cable inside the shaft, and is suitable for wet locations.

4.YJV32 type, WI> ZANYJFE type: inner wire armored power cables, low smoke toothless Class A fire retardant type power cable, can withstand considerable external mechanical forces change with prefixes and suffixes to illustrate the cable Performance and places can be laid. Armor materials used are steel, wire, etc., the main role is to prevent armor cable was mechanical damage that may be encountered during the deposition process to ensure the integrity of the inner sheath, and can withstand some external force. A fire-retardant LSZH power cable used for higher fire safety requirements occasions, such as indoor, tunnel, cable trench and pipeline and other fixed occasions.

5.LGJ type, LGHJ type: overhead ACSR, overhead steel core aluminum wire. In the large span of high voltage overhead transmission lines, made of a high strength required as a transmission line conductor strand strengthen the core, composed of ACSR.

6.KW control cable: Suitable for a variety of indoor laying control circuit. For such cables, the main consideration of high temperature properties and shielding properties and oil, acid, water blocking performance. And wire, the use of power cables in addition to meet the special requirements of places outside, from a technical point of view, it should primarily meet the operating voltage of the rated voltage requirements.
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